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STYLE Hefeweizen

5% ABV

16 IBU

5 MALTS malts, barley and 60% wheat

HOPS Hallertau Mittelfrüh & Perle




It's our version of traditional hefeweizen step-mash, all malts and hops are 100% german.



Ferdinand has just come out of his "German space hippie retreat" and decided to visit the local Weltraum Ratskeller for a glass of his favorite Weissbier. You're feeling pretty groggy after smoking spaceweed all afternoon, so a refreshing, creamy Hefeweizen is what you need.


NOTE: Before serving your beer in your favorite glass, remember turn the can upside down for a few seconds and then roll it on some surface, in this process the yeast is mixed and will accentuate its taste , "READY! IT'S READY TO SERVE" -Craig-

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